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A lot of GPT or get paid to sites will give you tons of tips and tricks on how to get your offers to credit. Simply register for their forum and read away. After you first register you should be able to access a drop down menu of offers to do.Look for the e-mail submits or zip submits and do those first. All you do is submit your e-mail or zip code and leave your browser open. Very easy!! No GPT site should ever cost you a penny in order for you to make money. They have a ton of free offers for people to do. Some tricks that I learned are for the surveys where you click through the yes and no's until you get to silver,gold,or platinum offers. One is go ahead and click on an offer like your interested in it and just leave it open in your browser for 10-15 min so it can work it's way back to the site to credit. A lot of people get frustrated about the sites. I did too! when I first started but after reading other people's blogs and the forums you will learn how to master these places and make a good extra income. Always remember you can register for a GPT sites forum and ask them anything you want and most will get back to you the same day with an answer. Hope all of you make a ton of money!!! Happy earning.

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